ken_boyd-16-edit2I am currently Lecturer at the University of Toronto at Scarborough in the department of philosophy.

My research is primarily in epistemology, and looks at the ways in which we evaluate our actions from an epistemic standpoint, what we epistemically owe to each other, and what it means to have understanding. I am also interested in the intersection of the metaethical and the “metaepistemological,” specifically concerning how the ways in which we are epistemically responsible affects the ways in which we are morally culpable.

I also have research interests in early analytic philosophy, and especially the work of the great American pragmatist C.S. Peirce. I am interested in Peirce’s notion of falli bilism, how he thought of epistemology as a normative discipline, and whether he had a theory of speech acts (I think he does).

I also co-run a Peirce blog, bake things, cat parent, lean casually (see above) and am generally considered to be the world’s best uncle.

You can contact me at kenneth (dot) boyd (at) gmail (dot) com.